Friday, March 9, 2012

Why I'm "Minding My Matters"

I love to play with words; can you tell? You don’t have to know me long to know that I love crossword puzzles and word games. One of the best characteristics of the English language (yes, it does have some redeeming qualities) is the ability we have to engage in word play – and I simply couldn't resist the urge to include it in my blog’s title.

What is Minding My Matters about? I want to work out spiritual truth in my life. I’m in theological overdrive and I need to talk about it. There are not many things I enjoy more on this earth than a long conversation that goes deep, and deep into the night. You know what I’m talking about – the conversations you have with your best friend…or the total stranger sitting next to you on a plane. With all of our technological advances, we’re longing more and more for personal human interaction. Yet, we often sacrifice depth of relationship for convenience and speed and stuff that we really don’t even care about.

What are some of my “matters” that need working out? I want to live my life with more intentionality and focus, but I am so easily distracted. I want to trust God more, but all too often I trust in my own striving first. I want to defeat the monster of perfectionism, but unless I hit “publish,” the perfectionism is still winning. (I’m really hoping for a small victory, right now!)

Of course, sometimes those late-night conversations drift into the less serious side as well. Maybe we’ll talk about the joy of harvesting vegetables you grew with your own two hands. We could touch on what I’m learning from my cat. Or perhaps we could wonder at the sheer vastness of a clear night sky.

Whatever the conversation, let’s agree to have it. Grab your beverage of choice, and let’s sit down once a week (give or take) in this virtual world, and chat (I write, you comment). Let’s be honest and vulnerable; encouraging and respectful. Let’s grow into the people God made us to be. We’ll laugh and cry and maybe even argue. But let’s decide right now that we’re going to work out the things in our lives that need working out and start enjoying the good stuff.

Will you join me in “minding our matters”?

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  1. "Or perhaps we could wonder at the sheer vastness of a clear night sky."

    The moon was gorgeous this morning just before 7:00 EST! It was hanging as a mammoth, glowing, peach-colored orb just over the tree-line in the western sky.

    Seriously, one of the things I miss most about NW Indiana and Bethel Church are our conversations. I'm so happy that we'll have them again!

    Welcome to the blogging community!
    Hugs, Leslie

    1. Oh Leslie, your description of the moon makes me so happy! I do love a good turn of phrase and that one definitely qualifies! Perhaps you should do a little dabbling in the world of poetry! I'm looking forward to our conversations too! Hugs back to you!

  2. Cherry,
    I am not a writer! Well, I should say I am not a good writer. I make grammatical mistakes and use run-on sentences. This year as I have begun to journal more, I realize how much I hear from God, sort out decisions, and make real progression in my faith as I write down my thoughts. I can only imagine how much more intensified that is if you ARE a writer, like yourself. I am so excited that you have decided (and followed through) with creating this blog. I look forward to reading it. Much of what you have written mirrors my own journey. Thanks for putting it in words that help me see the path more clearly. I thank God that He has allowed me to witness the birth of your dream. Thanks for being obedient to His calling!!
    Tammy Johnston

  3. Tammy, I love that you are using journaling to sort out decisions. It reminds me of those conversations you have with a friend when you're trying to make a decision and as you're talking, you figure it out before they've said one word. I think journaling is really just having the conversation with yourself. Seeing it on paper helps you visualize what you're saying and put the pieces together. I love it!